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Apr 2, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

“It is not until you have measured a physical quantity that you really can be said
to know anything about it”.

These are the words of Lord Kelvin, the famous British Physicist in the honor of whom
we have the unit of temperature named after.

The objective of “my book” is to incorporate the essence of the above statement in your
day-to-day lives. All of you have been going to school for good number of years now.
You are learning various subjects including Science which teaches us how to deduce
theories from the results obtained after performing experiments. Science has taught us
to observe natural phenomena, build experiments to delve deeper for better
understanding of the same, measure various quantities and eventually draw certain
conclusions about the phenomena. The idea behind “My Book” is to implement this
scientific method of understanding natural phenomena onto ourselves and hence help
understand ourselves better.

The book comprises of a number of Activity Sheets. Each Activity Sheet has to be
worked upon on a daily basis. There are four components of the Activity Sheet. Each
component has been explained within the book.

  1. Question of the day
  2. News of the day
  3. Word of the day
  4. Today’s Log

Our experience shows that this regimental approach helps in learning in a structured
way apart from improving self and general awareness.

Please download a copy of “My Book” and set on a new journey of learning.


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