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May 10, 2021 | Blog | 1 comment

One way to keep our grey cells active is to indulge in problem solving on a daily basis. This gives us a productive engagement besides being an aid to improve analytical thought process. Initially a regime of problem solving can be enforced which then becomes a habit over a period of time. Centum Academy has come up with weekly dose of 5 worksheets in Mathematics and Mental Ability.

Every week, a set of 5 Worksheets will be published. The worksheets will contain questions which can be solved by students of grade 8 and above. Students can fix a daily routine of solving the worksheets. The features of Mental Mathematics Module are as under

A) 5 Worksheets every week : 3 on Mathematics (3 x 15 Q) and 2 on Mental Ability (2 x 20 Q).
B) The questions are inspired by various national and international competitions & examinations and curated to suit the requirements of our students.
C) The worksheets have to be solved in fixed amount of time.
D) After solving students can evaluate their speed and accuracy scores.
E) A detailed analysis of performance on each worksheet can also be accessed for each of them.
F) Monthly around 400 and yearly around 4800 questions can be solved.

BUT ! Questions at times, could be beyond the level of student’s knowledge. One should not get demotivated if a few questions appear to be hard. The objective is to keep indulging in the problem solving process. Our experience suggests that consistently doing the mental exercise of solving such questions eventually leads to improved problem solving skills.

Students are advised to maintain a work book for these worksheets so that they can refer to it later. Also, they are encouraged to post the questions which they are not able to solve in their respective class groups and take the advantage of learning through peers. Each question has an answer key but solutions are deliberately not provided for the students to come forth and participate in forum discussions in respective class groups.

The link to the Mental Mathematics Module is here.

Enjoy problem solving!!!

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  1. Geetha VG

    Great Initiative.
    I am Geetha , Vasisht’s mother ..
    He is in grade 9th in NPS-YPR .Please send mails to mine and his email, so I can he effectively works on the same.


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